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Our Mission:  to provide quality education, products and services to improve the lives of others everywhere by actively working to move forward the advent of functional medicine concepts as a means to assist individuals to attain and maintain optimal health. 

We offer integrative functional medicine care to assist in obtaining sustainable optimal health and function.  We dig deeper for the root cause of symptoms.

NEW!  Group visits


Functional medicine that is educational, supportive, and cost-effective. 

See our group offerings below. 
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614-785-6433 (Polaris)
(740) 520-2825 (Lancaster) 


Group session*

Cost:  $70 

Lancaster Location


4/17/24   5:15PM   Stress and hormones (Deidre)

Polaris Location

4/9/24 5:30PM  Semaglutide and weight loss, what you need to know. (Katie)

Intro to functional medicine, GUT Health (Carla, Kim)


16 1/2 South Main Street, Marysville OH  


$35.00 pp

Check back with us for new sessions!

Coming Soon:  GUT Health, SIBO, Healthy Immune Function

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Hormones are essential in proper metabolism, growth, sleep, sexual function, mood, and the body balancing of blood pressure, blood sugar, fluid balance, and temperature.


  • Simple at-home test.

Microbiome Testing

"All Disease Begins in the Gut"


A comprehensive stool test and a tailored protocol, together we can help you heal your gut.


You’re in the right place if you’re dealing with ...

  • ✓  Fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, gas, bloating, food sensitivities, digestive complaints, diarrhea or constipation

  • ✓ You’ve been searching for solutions on your own or with your doctor, but nothing seems to work.

  • Simple at-home test

We offer flexible appointment time.




In-person or telemedicine

Complimentary discovery call​ so that you can decide if we are right for you.

  • Certified Functional Health Coaching available.  ​

  • Certified Health Coach available

  • Nutrition support

  • Corporate Health   


Functional Testing*​

  • Comprehensive GI tests

  • SIBO Test

  • H. Pylori

Hormone testing

  • DUTCH, Adrenal

Nutrient testing

  • Methylation

  • Comprehensive nutrition

  • Organic acids

Immune Function

  • Food Sensitivity testing, IgG, IgE

  • Celiac panel

Heavy Metals

Genetic testing

Cancer screenings ​

Laboratory serum tests 

*Testing may be recommended but is not required for all treatment.

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