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How We Got Our Start

The idea of Desire Wellness Group started with two good friends sitting in our car one evening after dinner; we just started brainstorming ideas because we were tired and frustrated with how we weren't getting the results we wanted to see using the current conventional medical model as our sole practice.  From that moment, knowing there had to be another way to help others on their journey to wellness, we started to evolve.   

As Nurse Practitioners we learned the traditional way to practice medicine, treating acute illness and managing chronic disease, but that wasn't helping us resolve or improve the underlying root cause of illness for our patients.  We asked ourselves how can we create a collaboration of health professionals who understand the conventional model alone isn't making people healthy?  We wanted to do more than just manage a disease.  We wanted to dig deeper for answers. So we took the knowledge we had of functional medicine and knew there was much more we had to learn.  That began our steady pursuit of official training in functional/integrative medicine.

The desire we had to help transform the lives of others has been our driving force for several years. We immediately started to apply all the knowledge and techniques we had been learning  to our own families and ourselves. Like many of our patients we also suffered the consequences of stress, environment and the Standard American Diet (SAD). We began to lean into these issues by addressing each one. We applied functional medicine concepts to our own lives to heal and reshape ourselves and our families. It has been life altering. ​

We knew we wanted to share our desire for wellness with others by looking deeper for the causes of their chronic fatigue, stubborn obesity, autoimmune disorder, poor sleep, cardiovascular, Gut health, imbalanced female hormones and so much more. We are able to do this by working to identify what triggers illness through education, lifestyle changes,  and testing.   


We want to help you become the best version of yourself. 

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