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Our Mission:  to provide quality education, products and services to improve the lives of others everywhere by actively working to move forward the advent of functional medicine concepts as a means to assist individuals to attain and maintain optimal health. 

The idea for Desire Wellness Group started many years ago with two good friends brainstorming ideas in a car one evening after dinner.  We were tired and frustrated with how we weren't getting the results we wanted using the conventional medical model as our sole practice.  At that moment, knowing there had to be a better way to help others achieve their desire to enjoy wellness, our ideas started to evolve.    


As Nurse Practitioners with 35 years of combined medical knowledge and experience, we learned the traditional/conventional way to practice.  We learned to treat acute illness and manage chronic disease.  That  approach didn't work to resolve or improve the underlying root cause of chronic illness for our patients.    We wanted to do more than just manage the disease.  Our desire to help transform the lives of others has been our driving force.


We knew we wanted to share our desire for wellness with others by looking deeper into the causes of their chronic fatigue, obesity, autoimmune disorder, poor sleep, metabolic disease, Gut symptoms, imbalanced female hormones and so much more through personalized tools, individualized testing, education, and lifestyle modification.    


Desire Wellness Group would like to help you increase your healthspan and become the best version of yourself.  

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