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Do you have chronic symptoms that seem to never go away?  Our group of practitioners, nutritionist, and coaches can help uncover the root of your symptoms and guide you in your journey to optimal health and wellness.  Do you want know how we can help?


Photo courtesy of  Alexis Kush, Onyx Photo Co. Columbus, OH

Desire is the starting point for all achievement...
                                                                                           Napoleon Hill

For your health and wellness needs,
     begin with desire; end with commitment.


Deidre Arms, MSN, APRN, CNP
Kimberly Potter,MSN, APRN, CNP
Katherine Elliot, MSN, APRN, CNP
Carla Bonczak, DNP, APRN, CNP
Ashley Knox, Health Services Administrator

(not pictured) 

Personalized integrative functional medicine 
Chronic symptoms
Gut Health
Hormone Health
Health & Wellness Coaching
Nutrition support
Lifestyle medicine
Corporate health 

Why Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine as a practice is an individualized, science-based method utilizing an understanding of the patients lifestyle, genetic, and biochemical information to  treat root causes of conditions.  Practitioners look for the "root" cause or multiple causes of conditions in individuals and recognize the complexity of biological conditions, accepts that a condition can result from many underlying causes, and that a single cause can result in many conditions.  Individuals are provided with personalized care that empowers them to achieve their health goals thereby improving outcomes.  


Watch the video for more information!


The functional medicine approach to health and wellness often utilizes targeted and therapeutic use of specific natural substances such as botanicals, vitamins, minerals and other natural supplements to help support processes in the body. Choosing a high quality product is key to better outcomes. Our Nutrition Shop has a variety of high quality products available.


Order healthcare's best supplements - delivered to your door

Herbal Medicine

"All disease begins in the gut"

The gut is our 1st line of defense from pathogens and toxins. 

Microflora of intestinal tract. Doctors hands with model of intestine. Human gastrointesti


Using the GI-MAP™ test and a tailored protocol, together we can help you heal your gut. You’re in the right place if you’re dealing with ...

  • ✓  Fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, gas, bloating, food sensitivities, digestive complaints, diarrhea or constipation

  • ✓ You’ve been searching for solutions on your own or with your doctor, but nothing seems to work.

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